Thursday, July 05, 2007

One more harvest picture. That's my baby. He's 6'1" with the hat so it gives you an idea of the size of the machinery.

More harevest photos below!

The Combine! This is an older model John Deere! Cutting our wheat! Woo Hoo! For a change we had a good crop and the price was decent. That's my husbands Uncle Gene doing the navigation.

Below, Augering the grain from the combine
to the truck.

This is wheat in the field. It's what you're
bread is made of!
Harvest pictures!

This is the crew doing what they do best while waiting on the truck to come back from the elevator. From left to right, Uncle Gene, Art (my FIL) and the DH. Ya gotta love those green shirts! The City (his day job) pays for them and he does mechanic work, fixes all the stuff at the landfill, so he wears them all the time. Free work clothes are a good thing. And you can't miss him in emergency green! If you look real close by FIL's leg you can see part of Max the dog.