Sunday, July 27, 2008

New shirts designs for kids

Well folks I opened a new online t-shirt store with designs just for kids. It's far from done but thought I'd put the first of some of the designs.

I'm starting out with big brother, little brother and big sister, little sister, matching designs. I started putting of shirts for little boys first, using tractors, heavy equipment and stuff that little boys love. I'll be adding those to shirts for little girls too.

I'll do all the basic, gender designs you'd expect of shirts for boys and girls, but will also break away from tradition by adding the tractors, trucks, fishing, hunting and so on to the girls shirts. Girls like to hunt and fish too.

I have an Aunt who is famous in the super stocker tractor pulling world. You can see her here

So tractors, trucks and more power! Well, women love it too!
You can check out the new line of shirts for little boys, little girls, babies, etc at Little Imps

Keep checking back as I will be adding new stuff all the time.