Wednesday, October 07, 2009

our government officials

Our government is only as stupid as the voters allow it to be!


It counts!

Entighlements, illegal immigrants, and the stimulus plan

Yeah, don't get me started on entightlements, illegal immigrants, and the stimulus plan.

The stimulus plan, yeah that's a good plan. Take from one tax payer and give it to another, explain to me how that helps?

The government takes my money, I make 25k/year, and give it to someone who makes 15k/yr.

Exactly who is getting helped here? I make too much for any government aid, so I give my money to the person who gets government aid.

But I end up making an extra $50/month, due to a tax cut, that I will have to PAY BACK at income tax time, (they don't tell you that), in the meantime, my fat, twice divorced niece, with one college degree, gets a lapband paid for by medicare/medicaid, gets rent assistance, because she is divorced and has 3 kids, never mind her second ex is living with her, and has a job, which is agianst the rules, but who cares about that, and my tax dollars are also paying for her to get, not a college degree, but a SECOND college degree, and she is a white woman.

Can you imagine if she was black, hispanic, asian, iraqui, or god forbid, an illegal immigrant?

If she was an illegal immigrant, the way things are going, Obama would want me to give her my house, make me make the payments, and live in my car, and not only would I need one job, I'd probably need 2 or 3. Heavenly days, God knows, 50 year old white women don't need anything, because we can work!

Ya know, I don't mind giving someone a hand up, but I'm not into giving a hand out!

God helps those that help themselves! Do not ask me for something that you are not willing to give back!

Yes, I said God, I believe in God, I believe in the bible, I believe in the bill of rights, which gives you THE RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS, not the right to happiness, and I believe in the constituion of the United States of America and the brave people who crafted that document.

Those men are some of the most intelligent people who have ever lived and we should learn from the document they wrote! And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if parts of that document, were not influenced by the women those gentlemen were married to.


I am so sick of the current state of affairs in politics in America, I could just puke.

The whole health care mess is well,,, a mess.

We do not need health care reform, we need how to pay for health care reform. Granted a tough row to hoe, but what Obama wants, is crap.

In fact, in my opinion, everything Obama wants is crap.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, and not all of the people even want to be pleased.

And as far as Nancy Pelosi goes, that bitch can kiss my ass. She needs to get her nose out of our military, she has no clue what the military is about or what they do, or why they do it. She is so rich and so stuck up on her high horse, if we had a terrorist attack, that disturbed her little world, she wouldn't live a week.

I do not understand the whole health care reform stuff, tax people for having a great plan, and then, tax people who can't afford any insurance at all! Hello! If you can't afford any health insurance, you sure as hell don't need to be taxed for that, you're already fucking broke.

And Nancy Pelosi's value added tax. Give me a break. If the IRS thought they were busy before, the average American citizen, will go back to bartering, cash, growing a garden, raisning a few chickens, a cow or 2, a couple of goats and hogs, a few turkey, and so on and we just won't report what we're doing.

Those of us who have the means will also put in a wood stove, if we don't already have one, we'll chop our wood and screw the heating oil and gas companies, we'll take advantage of our government green programs and install wind and solar power, or we'll simply do it on our own and the government, can kiss off.

I know that our politicians run around trying to please what they think are the biggest groups, that have the most voting power, that will keep them in their cushy political office jobs.

What these politicians have not considered, is the rest of us, who have the good ole American, indepenent, entreprenurial spirit, to go it on our own.

I for one do not need a politician, to make my life happy or comfy!