Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So, University of Florida student Andrew Meyer who is well known for taping his own practical jokes had one back fire on him when he was tased at a John Kerry event.

What a dumb ass! Security for high profile politicians is tight and they don't fuck around. I don't feel even a little sorry for that dingle butt.

Here's my take on the whole thing.

I love this shirt! Click on the link above for the site where it's located.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So, here goes the story of Kittycat.

The Labor day weekend is also the weekend of the Old Settlers celebration in Lodgepole, NE and it was the first University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football game, which was televised! Needless to say my hubby and I got more than a little tipsy.

About midnight hubbys cell phone rang and by the time I found it, it had quit ringing, there was no message just a phone # for the missed call. It was a Colorado area code, but I didn't think to much about it as our neighbor frequently calls for a ride home when he's to drunk to drive and has relatives in CO and just figured someone was calling to see if we could come and get Jeff. I spaced it off and went back to bed. We were in no shape to go get anyone!

So this was Sat. night. Last night, (Tues) hubby gets a text message on his phone around midnight, we didn't notice it until this morning when his phone was beeping and he thought he forgot to plug it in. Anyway, we look at message and it's from the same CO # but they left the message. "can I come over, kittycat". We just laughed and figured someone has a phone # mixed up. Deleted the message and went on with our day.

Hubby called me about 4 pm today, laughing, "kittycat" had left another text message. Now here I have to stop and explain, my hubby is "technically challenged" when it comes to the text messaging, computers, etc. He can change the motor in yer old Chevy in an afternoon, but text message, Ha. On top of that he's missing a couple of fingers and definitely cannot spell on the phone.

So I called ole "kittycat", got some god awful rap music, voice says enjoy the music while your party is reached, then I left the message that if she was chasing my hubby and wanted to be his girlfriend, she needed to get her arse up here and help me out with the laundry, dishes, trash, lawn mowing, garden weeding etc.

Shortly after that, our oldest son dropped by and I was telling him about it and he said I should have told her to grab her big black dildo and her strap on and get up here, cuz we needed some new entertainment. I about fell out of my chair laughing. Wish I'd would of thought of that! Really, I wouldn't send that, to much risk! But it was funny.

I always told my hubby if he ever got a girlfriend to bring her home, I could use the help. Come to think of it, if cheaters would bring the cheatee home to see what their life was really like they'd probably run fer the hills! rolf!

Anyway, it's been a hoot and I hope that kittycat can get her phone numbers straight. If she's listening to rap she definitely does NOT want my hubby, he's redneck, into John Wayne, old war movies and country music, not to mention the missing fingers.

Now if Kayecee will just get her little hoochiemama butt up here and get them damn sequins off my kitchen floor and fetch me another beer, I'll be a happy camper!