Sunday, March 30, 2008

Larry Glassburn

Woof, what a week! Larry's untimely and greatly unexpected accidental death has rocked our little community.

I knew he had a lot of irons in the fire, but I had no idea. I knew he was deeply into organic farming and had a filing cabinet between his ears as big as the Pentagon. He was into so many things, I can't even begin to list them. He gave speeches at seminars, promoting organic/sustainable farming. He was very knowledgeable about soil and how to fix it without chemicals. He belonged to numerous organic farming organizations and was an officer in several.

As a neighbor and friend he was helping us with our pitiful little piece of farm ground, and I was really getting into picking his brain. I want to get into a local niche market with organics. In my mind I'm thinking fruit. Nanking cherries, raspberries, plums, chokecherries, etc. And maybe free range chickens and organic eggs. Goats milk is another thing I'm considering.

Anyway all of that aside. The funeral was huge, which I knew it would be. There were people from all over there. One gentleman who hauls Larry's organic hay back to Pennsylvania to the Amish Dairies had brought his family this trip to meet Larry, only to find out about his passing. Dave, another neighbor and good friend loaned them his pick up so they could leave the loaded truck at the farm and get a motel and they stayed for the funeral.

Trudy, Larry's wife spoke very eloquently, but truthfully about him. But then she's and English and Drama teacher.

The pastor was a bit windy in my opinion, but it happens.

Anyway on the the after the funeral party. The party was Trudy's idea. While all the friends, neighbors, classmates, relatives and people he knew from his organic endeavors were here, she wanted the kids to have an opportunity to visit in an informal setting and here stories about there dad. The kids are Rebecca, Ross and Lindsey, about 26, 24, 22. So being the good bunch of rednecks we are, a few of us got together and cleaned out his quonset, (aka big metal rounded roof shop), got some tables and folding chairs, wood for the stove and of course barrels to save all the beer cans in, gotta recycle you know. Also, Trudy had food running out of her ears and figured this would be a good opportunity to get it used up instead of wasted.

The party was a blast, but the food thing backfired as people kept bringing more food. And beer, and more beer, and more beer. Lots of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Larry's fave. I would guess that through the course of the evening probably 300 people wandered in and out. My hubby and I arrived early to help set up food and didn't get home until after 1:00 a.m. Thank god it's only about 200 yards home.

All I can say is what a testament to what he meant to the community.

I'm sure as more folks he worked with that aren't local find out, Trudy will get cards, etc. for a long time. In the mean time she has a lot on her plate, keeping the farm and organics programs going until they can decide what they're going to do. But friends and neighbors have all offered to pitch in and help. I know one field needs corn planted for sure, and organic certification filings and other forms need to be kept up. The farm is a corporation and she has a good lawyer, that will help her and Larry's sister work things out.

Luckily, Larry's friend Dave has a pretty good idea about what's going on and Ken Disney is another local organic farmer who can be of great help.

AS for some of the funny stuff. Toad said St. Peter is probably wondering what they were thinking. Larry arrives at the pearly gates and is already peering through, saying "this needs some phosphate, this needs some fish emulsion, this needs some potassium, let me in we gotta fix this stuff!"

Dave says he's going out to the cemetery and taking a soil sample and he's going to go back and spread all the proper nutrients on Larry's grave and sit back an giggle when the cemetery staff can't figure out why the grass grows like crazy there.

Barney figures Pabst Blue Ribbon is gonna wonder why they're only selling half as much beer around here now.

In closing this post, if I can be half the friend and neighbor Larry was, I'll be doing good.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mrs. Silda Spitzer

Silda Spitzer, is wife of dumb ass Eliot Spitzer. I cannot believe that woman is standing by her man. If he was my husband I'd have kicked him in the ass so hard he'd be farting out his ears. It's not bad enough that he was screwing around, he had a high profile political positions and was screwing around with a high class hooker. What a stupid shit. Then he gets busted and expects Selda to forgive him and love him as he goes on some road to redemption. BULLSHIT. The only road Selda Spitzer should give him is one way out of her life.

Plus what kind of example are Selda Spitzer, Hillary Clinton and other high profile women set for other women and their daughters when the stay and support these dumb shits. They are saying it's ok for your husband to screw around on you and humiliate you and make you look like an idiot.

A good redneck wife would've kicked him to the curb asap.

So just for all you women here's a great t-shirt.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Governor Spitzer, aka Client #9

So Governor Spitzer of New York, done got himself in a pickle. What is it that politicians can't keep their drawers up? Governor Spitzer, aka Client #9, was boinking a cute young prostitute through a high class service. You'd think these dumb shits would've figured out by now anytime you have a high profile, in the public eye job, and you go off monkeying around, you're gonna get busted.

But, hey these guys are great fodder for the t-shirt business.

The end of the line for #9

Client 9

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Grime Scene

The Grime Scene. Hilarious t-shirts for little boys. Every good redneck mom knows that all her boys big and little are dirty little boogers. Always looking for the best mud puddle, greasy engine, or whatever other filth they can find.

The Grime Scene is the perfect shirt for you dirty boys. It looks like that crime scene tape you see on police and detective shows. With summer coming on we all know the boys will be out in the garage fixing the lawn mower or getting the boat ready for fishing and all them other dirty, greasy, grimey things boys and men do. Now they can have the best shirt in the world to wear on those I"m gonna get dirty days.

You can get this for you boys at Grime Scene