Sunday, April 26, 2009


I didn't put this in link format because it does not seem to work.

By the by, a big thank you to Sagart for finding this info.

Cafepress and upsold again

There are CP designs in the MP at Upsold. Wonder what the Japanese think of all the Obama designs.

The link to upsold's mp won't work here. But when you get to the bottom of the page you will see,
powered by Cafepress and cpshop. So, if you decided to stay with CP you are now in business in Japan.

Cafepress and Upsold

Cafepress has rolled out several changes to their Shopkeepers in the last few days, which has the community in an uproar. Understandable.

But there is still stuff they haven't told us. (rolls eyes).

Evidently, Cafepress is partnering with a Japanese POD called UPSOLD. See this! This link may or may not be working. *shrugs shoulders* Hopefully it will straighten out.

Here is what another blogger has to say about it.

From what I gathered, Cafepress will soon add all 1.4 million of UPSOLD'S designs to it's marketplace. Wonder how the Japanese grammar on text designs will translate? "We apply annoyance. " ROFL.

You can read more about it at Kayecee's Forum.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In late breaking economic news, Cafepress, the industry leader in Print On Demand Companies has just laid off thousands of employees.

I have to clarify they did not really lay off people, but they changed the terms of service for the use of their print on demand company and just cut the income of the people who provide their content.

If you used to make $1000 a month, you will now be lucky to make $100.

Cafepress has decided that they will set the base price of shirts sold in their market place. These shirts have designs on them from a host of people all over the world. You buy a t-shirt or a mug or a sticker or a yard sign at Cafepress not for the product, but for the design.

Cafepress has decided in it's infinite business wisdom that the designs of it's members are now only worth a 10 percent markup instead of what mark up the designer wished.

In the good old days, a plain old white t-shirt might have a base price of 14.99 at Cafepress, the designer decides his/her design is worth $10. So they add a $10 markup, and make that $10 every time that shirt sells with that design. COOL.

Now, Cafepress is going to set the base price of the same white t-shirt at, hmm $20, the designer gets a whopping 10 percent or $2.00. Whoopdeefuckingdo.

And as of late they've like offering Easter and Earth Day designs on shirts cheaper than they will give the shopkeeper the same shirt at base price. Essentially CP is now competing against the designers who fill their website with great stuff.