Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Obama

SO, president Obama is back peddling on campaign promises. OMG!

And he is dissing Rush! Give me a fucking break. Rush Limbaugh is a radio talk show host, not a politician. His job is to create contriversy! Rush takes a topic like a cat on a mouse and blows it up.

Folks, I used to work at a newspaper. I'm the poor slob that answered the phone, I used to catch all kinds of shit about editorial cartoons and letters to the editor. My standard answer was, I realize that you do not like what we printed, but! It made you use your brain enough that you picked up the phone and dialed me to whine/complain. That is the only purpose of editorials.

Bottom line, editorial stuff makes you have to get your brain out of neutral and put it into drive. Editorials make you think! Thank God, a lot of Americans still have a brain.

So, let's get down to brass tacks about Obama. He is our president, like it or not. But like many he is already back peddling on his promises. I remember seeing a you tube clip of a fat, black, woman, from the south who attended an Obama campaign rally. She was so excited that if Obama got elected, she would never again have to worry about making her house payment, or putting gas in her car, or buying groceries. OMG! Did she think he was going to write the check for her house payment, send her a gas card and give her unlimited food stamps?

HA HA! Reality Check bitch! Ain't gonna happen. Sorry about yer bad luck. Don't quit yer job! Be thankful you have a damn job, cuz sweetie, yer gonna need it.