Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seriously! Who are we kidding? The Nebraska department of Health and Human services, is the biggest joke and waste of tax dollars, I've had the misfortune to deal with.

Late last night, my husbands niece, beat her 14 year old son so bad, he had visible bloody scratches on his face, and a bruise on his head from either a blunt object, or she slammed his head against the wall.

So the cops get called, the State, thankfully takes him out of the home, but by the nd of the day are thinking, it would be ok with counseling to put him back in the home.

I do understand that at 14, and he is a big kid, he can defend himself, but what do you do when he loses it, and kills his mother? Not that she's that great a mother, but still? Come ON!

The state of Nebraska's health and human services as been under review, or audit, or investigation for several years because they can't seem to get their shit together.

To me this is absolutely appalling! Our governor needs to put someone in charge and tell them to clean it up! Make a decision! Make choices and LAY DOWN THE LAW!

As it stands now, it sounds like the Nebraska department of health and human services is going to put this beat up child back in the home on Monday. With counseling of course. *rolls eyes*

The Mom is going to suffer no repercussions or arrest for the beating this kid took. Just go hold hands with a counselor.

Give me a fucking break, this bitch should be in jail.

Now this child wants to hurt his girlfriends dad, because he is up in the air because his daughter has been drug into this mess, but, because this child is now a ward of the state, the threatening text messages he is sending, law enforcement has no jurisdiction!

God deliver me from stupid government organizations!