Saturday, February 21, 2009

California, the iou state

So, California is so broke it's sending out iou's for state income tax refunds. Thanks, Arnie!

In an effort to be liberally progressive and love everyone and everything, California is broke.

Just take a look at the illegal immigrant situation in California. The state treats them better than their own legal residents. I've heard all the arguments, we need them to pick the strawberries, oranges, etc. because no one else will. Bull pucky!

How about all those folks on unemployment? Get their buns out there. No show up to pick oranges, no unemployment check. Welfare folks, no pick strawberries, no food stamps. Gang bangers and other dumb shits in jail, pick fruit all day and you'll be to damn tired to fight and cause trouble at the prison.

The government could work out a deal where the farmer pays the government a reasonable (cheaper) rate for the labor and the government can use the money to offset tax dollars used.

This way we've got folks working, don't need the illegals, fund government offices, and lower the cost of labor, which should lower the cost of fruits and veggies.

Besides, the illegals are ILLEGAL! Since when do they deserve any rights?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama's stimulus package, H.R.1

So, Obama signed his stimulus package bill today in Colorado. H.R.1, aka, Barak Obama's economic stimulus bill, in my opinion is the greatest con ever pulled off in the history of civilization as we know it .

News reports would have us believe that if this bill wasn't passed it would be doom and gloom the world over for years. Obama preached that we needed this bill to create jobs, get money into the hands of banks so they could loan it out, save GM, Chrysler, Ford, Citibank and on and on. And then he tells us it will be 18 months before we see any benefit to the economy from his plan.

I still think that President Bush should have never pushed the first bail out. They should have let the dumb shits burn in the fire they started.

Even without the stimulus plan in 18 months the economy most likely would have started to turn around on it's own anyway.

If they really wanted to spend an ass load of money they could have just sent all of us a check, no strings attached and let us do it by paying bills, paying down debt, buying consumer goods and investing.

One good thing about the state of the economy, people are now saving more, and more importantly, spending more time at home with family and friends and seeing the importance of good old fashioned values.

You know, stuff like spending the afternoon with your family and neighbors, bbq some hot dogs, drink some beers and play redneck horseshoes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Edward and Bella Twilight the movie t-shirts

I must confess I've never seen the Twilight movie but since it's obviously very popular I figured it was a good idea to make a few St. Patrick's day t-shirts with a Twilight, Edward Cullen and Bella theme.


Spring is fast approaching and we all know what that means! Weddings! With weddings come bridezilla's. Those yelling, screeching, crying, stressed out brides who all want to have the perfect wedding.

In order to put a little fun and humor back into the engagement, bachellorette party, wedding showers and the wedding I created the above design. A cute pink buzzard/vulture sitting on the bride. It's pretty much what these women turn into during the whole wedding planning process. Nasty, grumpy old buzzards.

So, put a little humor and fun back in the wedding process with these cute fun shirts.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bail out/stimulus/obama/bush

I am so sick of the bail out, save jobs, save the country, lets spend an assload of money no one has, BULLSHIT!, that is coming down the pike from our politicians that I could literally commit alcohol abuse and throw up my beer.

For the love of God, (yes, for the love of GOD) do not give any more of my tax dollars to a bunch of self sanctimonious, I'm entitled assholes who do not have clue about what really drives the economy of this country.

900+billion dollars??????? Bush's plan didn't work. Obama's won't either. The money is not going where it needs to be. Do not give it to corporate America. Give to the tax payers. Send me and all my co-workers, relatives and friends $10,000 and let us stimulate the economy.

Trust me we will do a better job.

The above t-shirt says.

Damn Banker Pricks.

If they were real men, like in 1929, they'd be hurling themselves out of skyscrapers by now!