Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bail out/stimulus/obama/bush

I am so sick of the bail out, save jobs, save the country, lets spend an assload of money no one has, BULLSHIT!, that is coming down the pike from our politicians that I could literally commit alcohol abuse and throw up my beer.

For the love of God, (yes, for the love of GOD) do not give any more of my tax dollars to a bunch of self sanctimonious, I'm entitled assholes who do not have clue about what really drives the economy of this country.

900+billion dollars??????? Bush's plan didn't work. Obama's won't either. The money is not going where it needs to be. Do not give it to corporate America. Give to the tax payers. Send me and all my co-workers, relatives and friends $10,000 and let us stimulate the economy.

Trust me we will do a better job.

The above t-shirt says.

Damn Banker Pricks.

If they were real men, like in 1929, they'd be hurling themselves out of skyscrapers by now!

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