Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama's stimulus package, H.R.1

So, Obama signed his stimulus package bill today in Colorado. H.R.1, aka, Barak Obama's economic stimulus bill, in my opinion is the greatest con ever pulled off in the history of civilization as we know it .

News reports would have us believe that if this bill wasn't passed it would be doom and gloom the world over for years. Obama preached that we needed this bill to create jobs, get money into the hands of banks so they could loan it out, save GM, Chrysler, Ford, Citibank and on and on. And then he tells us it will be 18 months before we see any benefit to the economy from his plan.

I still think that President Bush should have never pushed the first bail out. They should have let the dumb shits burn in the fire they started.

Even without the stimulus plan in 18 months the economy most likely would have started to turn around on it's own anyway.

If they really wanted to spend an ass load of money they could have just sent all of us a check, no strings attached and let us do it by paying bills, paying down debt, buying consumer goods and investing.

One good thing about the state of the economy, people are now saving more, and more importantly, spending more time at home with family and friends and seeing the importance of good old fashioned values.

You know, stuff like spending the afternoon with your family and neighbors, bbq some hot dogs, drink some beers and play redneck horseshoes.

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