Saturday, August 21, 2010

Speak English!

Bear with me while I explain my situation. My husband has been having problems with his heart. He keeps going into A-fib, while not lethal on it's own, it can cause death due to blood clots. We've been doctoring with the great folks from the Heart Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, CO and they've been great, helping us through this.

On Thursday the hubby was given a "King of hearts" at home heart monitor to wear and press record any time his heart went wacko.

Well it did at 1 this morning. He woke me up at 3:15a.m. to take him to the ER. We were instructed by the monitor people to call them and send the "king of hearts" info to them over the phone. After we got to the ER, we called them, OMG! I have no idea what kind of education the woman who answered the phone has, but she did not speak good English, she had a horrid accent, and she was not listening to what I was telling her. After sending her the info from the monitor, she said he should go to the hospital. I had already told her we were in the ER. *rolls eyes* Now the hubby is hooked up to all the ER monitors and this dingy woman, keeps telling me, take him to the hospital, hook the "king of hearts" back up, download more info.

HELLO! WE ARE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM! Everything is being recorded on their machines! I finally took the hospitals portable phone to the ER nurse, who knew what was going on and had her talk to the lady from the land of OZ and explain to her that there would be no more downloads, as he was in the hospital and being treated and all heart activity was being recorded. She still did not get it. The Dr. on call finally took the phone and told her "We have it handled" have a good day!

This is America, I am an American, and I want to talk to "English" speaking people when I need something. If you speak another language, fine, we'll get you a translator. But, I should not need one! This is America! Speak my language, and listen to what I'm telling you!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dear Bill O'Rielly

Dear Bill!

I watched your show where you talked about President Obama, and the whole race issue.

I don't give 2 hoots and a holler what color he is. This comes from an old white woman, born and raised in western Nebraska, where there are not a lot of black folks.

What I do care about is what he does and how he represents our nation.

I do not like president Obama, or his wife. They hit the White House with a "we're black, the first family, and we're gonna do what we wanna do, we're entitled, screw you" attitude.

President Obama is an arrogant ass, and his wife is worse. I caught a press blip of her new kids and fitness thing. Woof! She needs to practice what she is preaching. The woman has a diesel butt! Aka, a butt the size of a Mac truck. And that yellow skirt?! Looked like a hot air balloon that couldn't get off the ground.