Thursday, April 24, 2008


I edited my last post a little. I realized I had posted that very early and said some things I probably shouldn't have. I'm blaming it on a lack of coffee.

It was not my intent to offend anyone or hurt any feelers.

I really only wanted to comment on why I price my things the way I do and I let my sleep deprived brain stray away from the subject.

have a nice day everyone.

The price you pa y

Well, there was ab big whoop tee doo on the forums at Cafepress yesterday about pricing. Happens now and again.

Every once in a while I leave the sticks and head for the big city, Cheyenne, WY usually, last weekend I was in Lincoln, NE. I always hit the malls and check out the prices of shirts. I'm always amazed, especially if you stop in the sports themed stores. $19.99-$29.99 for a t-shirt that says "Nike, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas," etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my designs at CP are strictly text and some have text and graphics. I Barrified my prices for several reasons.

1. Like a lot of other sk's I spend a LOT of TIME working on my CP business. You have to wear many hats to be successful. So I want to see some return for my time.

2. When someone shops and buys at CP they are looking for something unique and are willing to pay for it. Even if it is a crappy text design, if it says something to the customer, they will pay to wear the shirt and say it to the rest of the world.

3. I want to make money! I'd rather sell 5 shirts with $10 mark up than 10 with $3 mark up.

4. You also have to look at pricing and perceived value to the customer. Some people will pay $20 for a plain white t-shirt at the mall, but would never dream of buying the same t-shirt at Wal Mart for $5. God forbid they were perceived as poor or cheap or whatever. Why do you think some folks drive Jags, Beemers, Vettes, Hummers, etc., when they could get where they were going in a Geo Metro? It's all about what they want to project to the world about who they are.

5. With the economy the way it is prices of all goods are going up, and even with Barrified prices my designs/shirts are not out of line with prices in the mall. In fact as the economy falters, my prices will become even more attractive!

6. As far as screwing the universe with high prices, I"m not screwing anyone, I hardly have my customers by the arm with a gun to their heads shouting BUY MY SHIRTS!

Have a nice day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Ok, it's not a funny situation. The 16 y/o daughter of a dear friend took it upon herself to take off with her boyfriend. She's ok, and will be home soon. I feel every emotion of the parents being a parent myself. And now that they know she's ok, even a good redneck like me can't imagine the fit Mom is going to throw.

But in the spirit of the blog and humor, I thought this poster was appropriate to bring a laugh to all who have worried the last 24 hours.

Redneck, hillbilly, polish horseshoes rules

I see a few folks have been looking for the rules to Redneck, hillbilly, Polish horseshoes, so straight from the horses mouth from the makers of the game, I bring you the rules.

Official Rules for Texas Horseshoes
(also known as Polish, Redneck, or Hillbilly Horsehoes)

Game Setup

  1. The two washer boards should be placed on a flat surface 10 feet apart from the front of the board. The included distance rope is exactly 10 feet long for easy distance measuring.
  2. The preferred surface to play on is short grass or carpet.
  3. During one-on-one competition, the first player will toss at a selected board while the second person follows from the same spot. After tallying scores, players will then pick up the washers thrown and throw to the other board. During two-on-two competitions, teammates will stay at the opposite board.

Player Positioning

  1. Washers is a team game, each team will have a player situated at opposing washer game board unless the game is one-on-one, in which please see Section 3 under “Setup.”
  2. Each player must throw their respective washers with both feet on the washer board. The foul line is the front of the board.


  1. The closest hole is worth one (1) point, the middle hole is worth three (3) points, and the furthest hole is worth five (5) points. Washers must drop into the hole completely to score. A thrown washer from either player can knock washers on the board in a hole. It is important to remember whose washers are on the board in case of a knock-in throw. The owner of the knocked-in washer receives the applicable score for the hole into which it was knocked.
  2. Each player has a turn to throw three washers in each round. During one-on-one games, players will tally the score from that round and proceed to throw back at the other board. During two-on-two games, after a round is thrown and score is tallied, washers are then picked up and thrown by the other set of opponents.

Canceling Points

  1. After a player has thrown three washers for their turn, the other player has the opportunity to cancel out the opponent's score.
  2. For example, if Player A throws a washer in the first hole for 1 point, the middle hole for 3 points, and then misses the third shot, the score would be 4 points for Player A. However, the opposition, Player B, has a chance to cancel points from Player A's total during this round. If Player B throws a washer in the first hole for 1 point and the last hole for 5 points, and then misses the third shot, the score of the first round would be 5 to 3 in favor of Player B because the washers that landed in the first hole for one point cancelled each other out.
  3. The cancel rule is counted only for turns in the same round. Both players must throw all their washers for a complete round.

Player Turns

  1. The player or team to score last (no matter if the throw is cancelled or not) throws first in the next round.
  2. A round consists of a player making three washer throws in a row as one turn, and then an opposing player making three washer throws in a row as the second turn. Thus, a round consists of two turns.

Skunk Rule

  1. The skunk rule is in effect unless otherwise agreed upon by both teams before a game begins.
  2. If a team outscores another team 11+to 0, then the team with zero is SKUNKED (they lose). The team that outscores the other team 11+ to 0, wins the game.


  1. The first player or team to reach exactly twenty-one (21) points wins the game.
  2. NOTE -- the round has to be complete and a player or team must reach exactly 21 points to win the game. Breaking the 21-point level creates a penalty situation (see section “Breaking 21 – Penalty”).

Breaking 21 - Penalty

  1. Exceeding the winning point total of 21 results in a reduction of your starting score by the total number of points you made to break 21.
  2. For example, if Player A has 18 points and throws a washer in the last hole for 5 points, then misses two shots, they or their team will go back to 13 points because the total number of points thrown during that turn exceeded 21 points and the points scored (5) is subtracted from the starting score (18) for that round.
  3. During each round, if opponents make a washer in the same hole, it's just as if that washer was never thrown for both players. Scores are tallied at the end of each player's turn, and then adjusted for cancels at the end of the opponents turn. For example, if both players threw a five in the previous example, the score for Player A or his team would remain at 18 points.
These rules can be adjusted with any variation that you wish, but must be agreed on before a game begins

The farm

Although the unexpected passing of dear friend and neighbor Larry Glassburn has been a tragedy for our community their is some good news.

Larry was deeply into and very committed to organic farming and sustainable agriculture. His wife and children have decided to carry on with Larry's dream and run the farm. With the help of friends and neighbors, Trudy, Becca, Ross and Lindsey are going to give it their best shot.

This makes me happy for several reasons. His family isn't going to throw away his dream and his work. They understand all that his dream meant to him. My DH and I were beginning to toy with the idea of some organic farming, but getting more into fresh fruit and vegetable gardening to sell locally. I will still be able to look to them for advice.

And they aren't going to let anyone push them into just giving up. That's probably most important. A lot of folks would fold up and give up. Not these folks! What great people, filled to the brim with the American spirit!