Saturday, April 05, 2008

The farm

Although the unexpected passing of dear friend and neighbor Larry Glassburn has been a tragedy for our community their is some good news.

Larry was deeply into and very committed to organic farming and sustainable agriculture. His wife and children have decided to carry on with Larry's dream and run the farm. With the help of friends and neighbors, Trudy, Becca, Ross and Lindsey are going to give it their best shot.

This makes me happy for several reasons. His family isn't going to throw away his dream and his work. They understand all that his dream meant to him. My DH and I were beginning to toy with the idea of some organic farming, but getting more into fresh fruit and vegetable gardening to sell locally. I will still be able to look to them for advice.

And they aren't going to let anyone push them into just giving up. That's probably most important. A lot of folks would fold up and give up. Not these folks! What great people, filled to the brim with the American spirit!

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