Thursday, April 24, 2008


I edited my last post a little. I realized I had posted that very early and said some things I probably shouldn't have. I'm blaming it on a lack of coffee.

It was not my intent to offend anyone or hurt any feelers.

I really only wanted to comment on why I price my things the way I do and I let my sleep deprived brain stray away from the subject.

have a nice day everyone.

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Blipfish said...

Actually, I agree both in point and tone regarding your views on pricing. It's an old concept in any Marketing 101 course. Perceived Value Pricing is a fundamental issue and one should never apologize (or have to justify) why they successfully maintain higher price points than others.

Often, the reality is, the competitor is simply expressing sour grapes that they can't achieve the same level of success. It's even more telling when the "gouging the customer" angle comes out. If that were the case - everything should be priced at cost + 1 penny. That's not only naive, unrealistic, and silly - but it also defeats the purpose of being in retail sales entirely.

Premium Price Points is a concept as old as the hills for a reason: it works and it brings with it a marketing strength all its own. One can achieve implied marketing benefits just on the virtue of the higher stated pricing... greater value, boutique originality, quality, status, uniqueness, and so on - just because the pricing suggests it.

If you can price accordingly - do it and never apologize. You've reached a level of success you should be proud of.

If you can't... you probably are covering-up deficiencies in your overall business and it's time to face up to them.