Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods

For the love of God, leave Tiger Woods alone, This is NOT news.

He is not the first person in the world to get stupid and mess around and he won't be the last.

The whereabouts of Tiger Woods penis is not a big deal in the big scope of life.

Lay off!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

our government officials

Our government is only as stupid as the voters allow it to be!


It counts!

Entighlements, illegal immigrants, and the stimulus plan

Yeah, don't get me started on entightlements, illegal immigrants, and the stimulus plan.

The stimulus plan, yeah that's a good plan. Take from one tax payer and give it to another, explain to me how that helps?

The government takes my money, I make 25k/year, and give it to someone who makes 15k/yr.

Exactly who is getting helped here? I make too much for any government aid, so I give my money to the person who gets government aid.

But I end up making an extra $50/month, due to a tax cut, that I will have to PAY BACK at income tax time, (they don't tell you that), in the meantime, my fat, twice divorced niece, with one college degree, gets a lapband paid for by medicare/medicaid, gets rent assistance, because she is divorced and has 3 kids, never mind her second ex is living with her, and has a job, which is agianst the rules, but who cares about that, and my tax dollars are also paying for her to get, not a college degree, but a SECOND college degree, and she is a white woman.

Can you imagine if she was black, hispanic, asian, iraqui, or god forbid, an illegal immigrant?

If she was an illegal immigrant, the way things are going, Obama would want me to give her my house, make me make the payments, and live in my car, and not only would I need one job, I'd probably need 2 or 3. Heavenly days, God knows, 50 year old white women don't need anything, because we can work!

Ya know, I don't mind giving someone a hand up, but I'm not into giving a hand out!

God helps those that help themselves! Do not ask me for something that you are not willing to give back!

Yes, I said God, I believe in God, I believe in the bible, I believe in the bill of rights, which gives you THE RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS, not the right to happiness, and I believe in the constituion of the United States of America and the brave people who crafted that document.

Those men are some of the most intelligent people who have ever lived and we should learn from the document they wrote! And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if parts of that document, were not influenced by the women those gentlemen were married to.


I am so sick of the current state of affairs in politics in America, I could just puke.

The whole health care mess is well,,, a mess.

We do not need health care reform, we need how to pay for health care reform. Granted a tough row to hoe, but what Obama wants, is crap.

In fact, in my opinion, everything Obama wants is crap.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, and not all of the people even want to be pleased.

And as far as Nancy Pelosi goes, that bitch can kiss my ass. She needs to get her nose out of our military, she has no clue what the military is about or what they do, or why they do it. She is so rich and so stuck up on her high horse, if we had a terrorist attack, that disturbed her little world, she wouldn't live a week.

I do not understand the whole health care reform stuff, tax people for having a great plan, and then, tax people who can't afford any insurance at all! Hello! If you can't afford any health insurance, you sure as hell don't need to be taxed for that, you're already fucking broke.

And Nancy Pelosi's value added tax. Give me a break. If the IRS thought they were busy before, the average American citizen, will go back to bartering, cash, growing a garden, raisning a few chickens, a cow or 2, a couple of goats and hogs, a few turkey, and so on and we just won't report what we're doing.

Those of us who have the means will also put in a wood stove, if we don't already have one, we'll chop our wood and screw the heating oil and gas companies, we'll take advantage of our government green programs and install wind and solar power, or we'll simply do it on our own and the government, can kiss off.

I know that our politicians run around trying to please what they think are the biggest groups, that have the most voting power, that will keep them in their cushy political office jobs.

What these politicians have not considered, is the rest of us, who have the good ole American, indepenent, entreprenurial spirit, to go it on our own.

I for one do not need a politician, to make my life happy or comfy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a sad day

I haven't posted for awhile, been busy tending my garden and arming myself to survive Obama and his plans. *rolls eyes*

In the spirit of horse shoes, I did actually join a team and throw shoes this summer, it was a blast.

Now, onto the Redneck Revue.

The whole Acorn, prositution, finance thing, has me steamed.

Now, the folks who caught Acorn, in the act of telling folks how to finance the importation of underage girls for prostitution, are suing because they think their rights have been stomped on. And best of all our tax dollars are going to finance the legal defense.

Yay. Obama!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pitching shoes

At this particular point in time, the only thing I'm not fed up with is throwing shoes with my team mates on Wednesday nights.

Obama can kiss mine, the boss can kiss mine, the hubby can kiss mine, my mother, my inlaws, they can all kiss mine.

The hubby got me into pitching shoes this summer. I actually enjoy it. My Grandpa was pretty good at it.

A few weeks ago we had to fix gramma's plumbing and she still had Grandpa's old pitching shoes and she gave them to us. These shoes are over 50 years old and they are great.

I had not thrown a shoe since I was a kid, but wonder of wonders, I ended up doing pretty good after a few weeks.

As it turns out, I was only a sub, but ended up doing better than some regular team members.

Who knew?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I didn't put this in link format because it does not seem to work.

By the by, a big thank you to Sagart for finding this info.

Cafepress and upsold again

There are CP designs in the MP at Upsold. Wonder what the Japanese think of all the Obama designs.

The link to upsold's mp won't work here. But when you get to the bottom of the page you will see,
powered by Cafepress and cpshop. So, if you decided to stay with CP you are now in business in Japan.

Cafepress and Upsold

Cafepress has rolled out several changes to their Shopkeepers in the last few days, which has the community in an uproar. Understandable.

But there is still stuff they haven't told us. (rolls eyes).

Evidently, Cafepress is partnering with a Japanese POD called UPSOLD. See this! This link may or may not be working. *shrugs shoulders* Hopefully it will straighten out.

Here is what another blogger has to say about it.

From what I gathered, Cafepress will soon add all 1.4 million of UPSOLD'S designs to it's marketplace. Wonder how the Japanese grammar on text designs will translate? "We apply annoyance. " ROFL.

You can read more about it at Kayecee's Forum.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In late breaking economic news, Cafepress, the industry leader in Print On Demand Companies has just laid off thousands of employees.

I have to clarify they did not really lay off people, but they changed the terms of service for the use of their print on demand company and just cut the income of the people who provide their content.

If you used to make $1000 a month, you will now be lucky to make $100.

Cafepress has decided that they will set the base price of shirts sold in their market place. These shirts have designs on them from a host of people all over the world. You buy a t-shirt or a mug or a sticker or a yard sign at Cafepress not for the product, but for the design.

Cafepress has decided in it's infinite business wisdom that the designs of it's members are now only worth a 10 percent markup instead of what mark up the designer wished.

In the good old days, a plain old white t-shirt might have a base price of 14.99 at Cafepress, the designer decides his/her design is worth $10. So they add a $10 markup, and make that $10 every time that shirt sells with that design. COOL.

Now, Cafepress is going to set the base price of the same white t-shirt at, hmm $20, the designer gets a whopping 10 percent or $2.00. Whoopdeefuckingdo.

And as of late they've like offering Easter and Earth Day designs on shirts cheaper than they will give the shopkeeper the same shirt at base price. Essentially CP is now competing against the designers who fill their website with great stuff.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flooding in North Dakota

A prayer for the folks fighting the flooding in North Dakota.

The good, hardy folks up there have closed the schools and everyone is out night and day in the cold, snowy, crappy weather, sandbagging around the clock in an effort to save their homes.

So where is FEMA? I haven't heard one word about FEMA being in North Dakota braving the cold and snow.

I guess FEMA is a fair weather organization.

It's probably just as well they don't show up, they would just be in the way, and would not be able to handle the conditions, and would probably have to be rescued by the folks they're trying to save.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wife swap

So I'm sitting at home on a Friday night with a cold six pack and the remote, so I"m watching wife swap.

Dear God, deliver me from anal retentive, compulsive clean freak women!

I've watched Wife Swap a lot and it is very interesting how one culture of family can learn from another. The show has never offended me until tonight. One woman who is one of those folks who scrubs her GRANITE counter tops 3 times a day, just called the drag racing family "white trash" and "low class"!


We don't all come from the same world. I am not a clean freak, but I do like a clean house. Not polished, just clean and reasonably organized.

And I did teach my kids manners and how to be polite. My kids had chores, and had to contribute to the family. But I also allowed my children to make choices about interests they wanted to pursue.

I have a very diverse family. My aunt Linda Lussetto is super stocker tractor puller. Aunt Linda and her husband recently retired and do nothing but raise horses, pugs and go tractor pulling. Her husband, Pete, takes care of the mechanic work, Linda drives the tractor, fire suit and all, and she is damn good at it and I'm proud of her.

Check out this link of Aunt Linda and Ole Bitty.

Don't get me wrong! I have a cousin who is also a very successful lawyer in Denver, Co. and I admire her too. But how many, over educated, holier than thou, I am an independent women, who think highly of them selves would don that fireproof suit and take on that tractor and all that power and go balls to the wall with it? And aunt Linda is 60 and still spewing fire and brimstone and putting it all on the line in the name of speed, power and fun!

There are 2 women in this world that I admire, and neither one is famous.

One is my sister Kellee, who has made her way and become successful in spite of everything against her, and aunt Linda, because she is so unconventional, and totally does everything against all odds and rules.
Women NASCAR drivers do not have anything on my aunt Linda. She's been into power and speed before those broads were ever born.


Just so you know, I am a die hard Cornhusker fan.

This is one of my favorite videos.

Huskers rock!

What Redneck Revue is all about

For those of you who stop in here hunting for redneck horseshoes, I'm glad to see you!

But Redneck Revue is not all about Redneck Horseshoes and Redneck games.

Redneck Revue is where I voice my opinions on all kinds of stuff.

I voice my opinion on politics, raising kids, jobs, money, sex, whatever. Redneck Revue is where I come to rant.

So stay tuned. It could get interesting.

Feel free to leave comments, the more the merrier!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

little boy and girl pageants

I've watched the commercials, etc. about little girl and boy beauty pageants.


At first I tried to justify the parents and their motivation to the fact that I competed in rodeo and 4-H livestock events as a child.

However, after watching one show, it is not the same thing. These parents are possessed!

As a kid who grew up around cows, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats and so on, rodeo, 4-H market sheep, steers, heifers, breeding heifers, were a natural part of our life style. I also competed in 4-H in sewing, cooking and photography.

4-H was a great experience, we learned about animals, breeding, the best critter to select, to get the best cuts of meat, in sewing, we learned about sewing and about modeling and fashion tips, in cooking, we learned about gardening, presentation, taste, value, canning, freezing, economy, photography was fun, but it also taught graphic design, (in the 70's, OMG).

We also did demonstrations and judging. When you do judging in 4-H, you go to a competition and you judge someone else's work. Then you have the privilege of getting up before a professional and giving them your reasons why you judged the items the way you did.

Great public speaking and reasoning experience.

On the whole sewing experience, I have to mention, I love to sew and still do it, but when I went to work at the veterinary hospital, I was watching as the vet was sewing up an injured dog, and he was explaining to me the stitch he was using, I had to snicker and told him that if he were sewing we called it a running stitch. Same stitch, different purpose, different name.

Anyway, back to the pageant thing. I do not think these kids are learning anything from this. Little girls as young as 3 years old, wearing a buttload of make up, shaving their legs, primping, on diets to stay thin, this is not a good thing.

These little girls look like a pedophiles fantasy. And the only thing they have learned is make it on your looks baby! Your looks is all that counts.

It is so sad.

At least with rodeo, we learn to work with someone else, even if it is an animal, and looks don't matter, it's all about hard work, practice and working with someone besides yourself. Rodeo is a team sport.

The biggest thing I learned is, no matter how hard you work, some days everything goes like clockwork and you kick ass, the next day, you might be sucking hind titty, but that's just the way it goes.

From what I'm seeing as I watch a kiddy beauty pageant, we have a bunch of fat ass moms, living through their little girls. Mom, if you want to be a beauty queen, go on a diet, get a face and boob lift, don't force your kid to be what you wish you were. Your kid is not you! give your gid a break, let them be a kid.

None of us are perfect. I'll take rodeo any day over being a beauty queen.

My parents never forced me to do the 4-H market steer, breeding heifer, cooking, sewing, photography, best halter mare/gelding/foal, market sheep, I did it because I enjoyed it. As I got older I dropped some of the projects and only did the horse/market beef and creative sewing, because that is what I wanted to do.

I did win 2 trips to our state fair in judging competitions. I went to the state fair, did my judigng, gave the person juding me my reasons for why I placed things the way I did. One year I won a blue ribbon, pretty good, on year I got a green participation ribbon. That's ok .It was a good experience, and I didn't have to look like a child molesters fantasy to compete.

The wedding

So, I was watching a show about shopping for the perfect wedding dress. ROFL!

Brides, think the wedding is all about them. Ha Ha.

Your guests come to the wedding for the free supper, free booze and the reception party.

I'm not in any way, discounting the importance of the day to the bride and groom, but, most of your guests do not put the importance on the dress, decorations, tuxedo's, flowers, glitz, glamour and money that the getting married couple does.

Guests want to see a nice wedding, short and sweet, and let's get to the reception, the free supper and the FREE BOOZE and the DANCE.

Wedding receptions are where rednecks and all other folks, hang out, eat the free food, drink the booze, and get totally stupid all in the name of the wedding. And unless you start a fight, no one cares how stupid anyone gets at a wedding reception.

By the time the night is over, the bride and groom have left and all that is left is a bunch of drunks, who just want to have a good time for free. Visit people they don't see often, do the chicken dance and the macarana and whatever.

So, anal brides, give it a rest. As a guest I really don't give a crap what your dress looks like, bring on the free supper, beer, party and an excuse to get out of town for the weekend.

The best wedding I ever went to the bride and groom went and bought new levi's and matching white shirts and sprang for an assload of booze.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Redneck Revue

This is Redneck Revue. While we love to drink beer and play redneck horseshoes, we still have conservative political views and we express them here.

So, I here that in Feb. 650,000 people lost their jobs. Now, I am not going to argue that, that is not a good thing. But, think about it. How many of those people are over paid and over compensated union workers? How many of those people had jobs where they did not really do anything?

And as far as Obama and his screeching we have an economic crisis, Kiss my big ole redneck ass. We do not have an economic crisis. We have an assload of people who bought houses they could not afford, with shady, shaky loans from crooked mortgage brokers.

I really think we should let the whole shebang go broke. No more bail out, no more money from the government. The money does not come from the government, it comes from the taxpayers.

As a middle class, (aka $40,000/yr) family income, I do not want to bail out anybody. My husband and I are in the position of being one of those middle class families that does not qualify for shit. Except more taxes. We are current on our house payments. We pay that before we pay anything else.

We may end up having to give up our satellite tv, and diet pepsi and mountain dew and Friday night happy hour. But I will always make our house payment.

We have no credit card debt, and no car payment. Our only payment is our house payment. Yes, our vehicles are old and have an assload of miles on them and they have dents, and they look like shit, but they are paid for, cheap to insure and liscense and they get us from point A to point B, which is the whole purpose of a vehicle.

Right now, our washing machine took a crap. As much as I would like to have a new one, we don't have the cash, so I've been going to the laundry mat to wash clothes and I bring them home and dry them. It will be at least 6 months before I can afford the cash for a used or new washer, so in the mean time I will bite the bullet and go to the laundry mat. It just is the way it is.

The whole point is, suck it up America! Do the right thing, if you don't have cash, don't buy it. Tell Obama to take is spend, spend, spend, policies and stick them up his ass. YOU CANNOT SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

California, the iou state

So, California is so broke it's sending out iou's for state income tax refunds. Thanks, Arnie!

In an effort to be liberally progressive and love everyone and everything, California is broke.

Just take a look at the illegal immigrant situation in California. The state treats them better than their own legal residents. I've heard all the arguments, we need them to pick the strawberries, oranges, etc. because no one else will. Bull pucky!

How about all those folks on unemployment? Get their buns out there. No show up to pick oranges, no unemployment check. Welfare folks, no pick strawberries, no food stamps. Gang bangers and other dumb shits in jail, pick fruit all day and you'll be to damn tired to fight and cause trouble at the prison.

The government could work out a deal where the farmer pays the government a reasonable (cheaper) rate for the labor and the government can use the money to offset tax dollars used.

This way we've got folks working, don't need the illegals, fund government offices, and lower the cost of labor, which should lower the cost of fruits and veggies.

Besides, the illegals are ILLEGAL! Since when do they deserve any rights?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama's stimulus package, H.R.1

So, Obama signed his stimulus package bill today in Colorado. H.R.1, aka, Barak Obama's economic stimulus bill, in my opinion is the greatest con ever pulled off in the history of civilization as we know it .

News reports would have us believe that if this bill wasn't passed it would be doom and gloom the world over for years. Obama preached that we needed this bill to create jobs, get money into the hands of banks so they could loan it out, save GM, Chrysler, Ford, Citibank and on and on. And then he tells us it will be 18 months before we see any benefit to the economy from his plan.

I still think that President Bush should have never pushed the first bail out. They should have let the dumb shits burn in the fire they started.

Even without the stimulus plan in 18 months the economy most likely would have started to turn around on it's own anyway.

If they really wanted to spend an ass load of money they could have just sent all of us a check, no strings attached and let us do it by paying bills, paying down debt, buying consumer goods and investing.

One good thing about the state of the economy, people are now saving more, and more importantly, spending more time at home with family and friends and seeing the importance of good old fashioned values.

You know, stuff like spending the afternoon with your family and neighbors, bbq some hot dogs, drink some beers and play redneck horseshoes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Edward and Bella Twilight the movie t-shirts

I must confess I've never seen the Twilight movie but since it's obviously very popular I figured it was a good idea to make a few St. Patrick's day t-shirts with a Twilight, Edward Cullen and Bella theme.


Spring is fast approaching and we all know what that means! Weddings! With weddings come bridezilla's. Those yelling, screeching, crying, stressed out brides who all want to have the perfect wedding.

In order to put a little fun and humor back into the engagement, bachellorette party, wedding showers and the wedding I created the above design. A cute pink buzzard/vulture sitting on the bride. It's pretty much what these women turn into during the whole wedding planning process. Nasty, grumpy old buzzards.

So, put a little humor and fun back in the wedding process with these cute fun shirts.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bail out/stimulus/obama/bush

I am so sick of the bail out, save jobs, save the country, lets spend an assload of money no one has, BULLSHIT!, that is coming down the pike from our politicians that I could literally commit alcohol abuse and throw up my beer.

For the love of God, (yes, for the love of GOD) do not give any more of my tax dollars to a bunch of self sanctimonious, I'm entitled assholes who do not have clue about what really drives the economy of this country.

900+billion dollars??????? Bush's plan didn't work. Obama's won't either. The money is not going where it needs to be. Do not give it to corporate America. Give to the tax payers. Send me and all my co-workers, relatives and friends $10,000 and let us stimulate the economy.

Trust me we will do a better job.

The above t-shirt says.

Damn Banker Pricks.

If they were real men, like in 1929, they'd be hurling themselves out of skyscrapers by now!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Obama

SO, president Obama is back peddling on campaign promises. OMG!

And he is dissing Rush! Give me a fucking break. Rush Limbaugh is a radio talk show host, not a politician. His job is to create contriversy! Rush takes a topic like a cat on a mouse and blows it up.

Folks, I used to work at a newspaper. I'm the poor slob that answered the phone, I used to catch all kinds of shit about editorial cartoons and letters to the editor. My standard answer was, I realize that you do not like what we printed, but! It made you use your brain enough that you picked up the phone and dialed me to whine/complain. That is the only purpose of editorials.

Bottom line, editorial stuff makes you have to get your brain out of neutral and put it into drive. Editorials make you think! Thank God, a lot of Americans still have a brain.

So, let's get down to brass tacks about Obama. He is our president, like it or not. But like many he is already back peddling on his promises. I remember seeing a you tube clip of a fat, black, woman, from the south who attended an Obama campaign rally. She was so excited that if Obama got elected, she would never again have to worry about making her house payment, or putting gas in her car, or buying groceries. OMG! Did she think he was going to write the check for her house payment, send her a gas card and give her unlimited food stamps?

HA HA! Reality Check bitch! Ain't gonna happen. Sorry about yer bad luck. Don't quit yer job! Be thankful you have a damn job, cuz sweetie, yer gonna need it.