Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pitching shoes

At this particular point in time, the only thing I'm not fed up with is throwing shoes with my team mates on Wednesday nights.

Obama can kiss mine, the boss can kiss mine, the hubby can kiss mine, my mother, my inlaws, they can all kiss mine.

The hubby got me into pitching shoes this summer. I actually enjoy it. My Grandpa was pretty good at it.

A few weeks ago we had to fix gramma's plumbing and she still had Grandpa's old pitching shoes and she gave them to us. These shoes are over 50 years old and they are great.

I had not thrown a shoe since I was a kid, but wonder of wonders, I ended up doing pretty good after a few weeks.

As it turns out, I was only a sub, but ended up doing better than some regular team members.

Who knew?