Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is my rant page!
Do you ever want to just slap the shit out of someone for being stupid?

My husband, wants to take 2 hour trip and pick up a cousin to come home for his dad's funeral. I get that part. But the guy has a warrant, locally for his arrest. My son is a cop. This does not bode well.

It is a misdemenor warrant but still, husband, you are putting yourself in danger of arrest for aiding and abetting, you are putting me in danger of arrest for aiding and abetting, and you are putting your son in a horrid position of attending a family funeral, while knowing as a law enforcement officer, he needs to arrest the relative.

And to top this all off, he wants this thief to spend the night in my house! Best gather up all my valuables and vacate for the weekend.

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