Friday, December 20, 2013

I have been absent from posting here for quite some time, but life has been busy. but now the whole Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, GQ and A&E mess has me peeved! While I understand that what Phil said may have been a bit crude, he never said he hated gay people or black people or whatever, or any other prejudice comment. He stated what he believes in. Phil Robertson is entitled to his beliefs. Just as I am. The whole thing just blows my mind. If A&E were airing a show called, (theoretically) Muslims in Memphis, and the Towel heads told GQ, gays should be rounded up and stoned. They'd probably get some great humanitarian award, for promoting religious diversity. But the the good ole Redneck, who, is family oriented, believes in the bible, does not judge, but only states an opinion, is about to be burned like a witch at the Salem Trials! Dear A&E, you signed on with a redneck! We are what we are, we believe what we believe, we hold those beliefs precious, but at the same time, we have enough common sense to not judge others, just as we wish that others would not judge us. Quite frankly, in my experience, the people who get on their high horse, and think they have a grudge or a cross to bear because they are gay or black or hispanic or disabled or what ever are the first to point out whatever issue it is they think they have. Most of them, never gave us good folks a chance to just bring them a meal or treat their dog or cat of fix their car or whatever. They came in with an ax to grind right off the bat! Us good folks never even got a chance, because those with an ax to grind, never gave us a chance. I stand with Phil!

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