Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin vs. Obama

Woo Wee! I do believe ole Obama done stuck his foot in his mouth with the pig remark last night.

Some news reporters tried to pass it off as just a saying, it's just rhetoric, he didn't call Sarah Palin a pig outright.

Well, that may be, but it sure sounded like Mr. Obama called Sarah Palin a pig. What an ass! The symbol of the Democratic party sure fits Obama to a tee.

I know the politicians are going to take jabs at one another, but that was just out and out rude and uncalled for.

Any thoughts I had good about Obama have gone out the window. As my Grandma would say, "When you lay down with the dog, you get up with the fleas."

And then we get to the other "Big O" in America, Oprah! Oprah doesn't want her show to be political so she won't have Sarah Palin on until after the election. But she had Obama on and she endorses him. What a dip shit woman. She already made her show political when she had Obama on and said she supported him.

I have 2 words to describe Oprah and Obama.


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