Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sarah Palin

The media and anonymous staffers from inside the McCain/Palin campaign have been whining the Sarah Palin is a Diva. And of course the big whoop about the $150,000 in clothes.

Duh! Campaign money most likely took care of the cost of the clothes. Throw in the fact that it's great advertising for the designer. There's some kind of deal there. Then, you know she did not get to keep the outfits.

There hasn't been this much fuss over attire of political candidates since Hillary Clinton made the pantsuit her election/political uniform.

There wasn't much said about the McCain or Obama wardrobe. Boxers or briefs guys? Fess up!

I designed the above t-shirt just for Sarah Palin, she can wear it proudly and tell the media and the anonymous folks to stick it where the sun don't shine.

I hear all the mud about how bad she did at interviews, went off the planned speeches, etc. Put yourself in her shoes. She went from someone most of us had never heard of to being in not only the national spotlight, but international spotlight as the VP running mate to John McCain.

All things considered, I think she did very well.

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