Sunday, March 27, 2011

This and that

Woo HOo! I have sprouts in my little starter boxes in the mini greenhouse in my spare bedroom! Come on spring and summer, I want to garden.

The hub has had the flu all weekend and being his normal woos self. I want orange juice, so I make juice. Could I have ice? So dump half of juice back in pitcher and get ice and so it goes.

I am concerned for him, given the heart issues he's had over the last year. I don't want him to get to dehydrated, I don't know what kind of affect that will have on the results of his recent surgery and the meds he takes.

Hope he's feeling better soon, because I have plans to leave on Thursday with our son and spend 3 days out of town, goofing off, and learning stuff at a highschool football coaching clinic in Lincoln. Go Huskers! Been there before, it's a lot of fun.

So, back to the whole "Sister wives" show. At first, I was a bit surprised at myself and my acceptance of the lifestyle. I'm a conservative, Republican, Lutheran. But after thinking about it a bit. I realized, the family takes care of each other and is a team, in some ways mirrors the way I grew up.

While there is no polygamy in my family, on one side, my great grandmother always lived with my grandparents. That's just the way it was. On the other side, my great grandmother made the rounds and lived with each of her children for about 6 months and then moved on to another child.

It was fun to have that kind of family togetherness.

In the case of my rotating great grandmother, my family, lived on the other side of the barn, from my grandparents, and when Great gramma Rice was living with them, it was great fun. We had Mom, Dad, siblings, Gramma, Grand dad, Great Gramma, and a couple of aunts as well. Along with Uncle Dale, who popped in and out and was and still is my fave relative.

Everyone knew what their responsibilities were, and we took care of that, but at the same time we had tons of fun.

Great Grandmother Rice, taught me how to churn butter, she knew how to raise and feed a family back in the day, she died in like 1973 at 80 years old. But at the same time, she always wore a dress, and heels, and painted her nails, and never came out of her bedroom, unless she looked good!

Great Gramma Fiscus, on the other side of the family, WOW! What a courageous woman. Her husband, left Illinois, came to western Nebraska and homesteaded. Sent for her and several children, when the deal was done. She arrived on the train, in the middle of the winter and rented a wagon and a team of horses and drove 20 miles by herself while it was snowing to get to the new place.

She passed at 95 years old, in 1980, but she lived long enough for me to get pictures of her holding my twin boys.

She taught me stuff too! Mostly gardening stuff, but also good nutrition, manners, etc.

As I said before, while I don't feel I could live a polygamist lifestyle, I believe the world would be better off, if we would give more credit to the extended and close family lifestyle.

I am lucky to have had a very close family, lots of relatives, close by. They taught me so much about team work, and love and responsibility fun, give and take and, well just lots of stuff. Lessons you won't get anywhere else.

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