Thursday, October 09, 2008

AIG bailout

I give up! I just fucking give up, surrender, lay down on my back, with my arms and feet up like a dog!

We bailed out AIG, then $700 billion to overpaid, stupid fat cats.

I get up this morning and hear on the news, our government is giving AIG more money, and execs are going on another spa retreat.

I think I will call the bank and tell them they can have the damn house, I'm moving into a cave and putting my money under a rock, guarded by my pet rattlesnake!

Hubby and I both have jobs and aren't behind on our house payments, but this whole bailout thing is fucking nuts. And if Obama gets elected?????

Across the road from us is a nice set of south facing rocky bluffs. We can take the backhoe and dig a nice cave and move our furniture in. There are several old shelter belts nearby for wood for cooking and heat. We could charge the laptop and cell phones at work.

I've been depressed about all this shit anyway and after 26 years I'm tired of working. I could spend my days hunting and tending a garden and in the winter I could crochet and read books bought from the local salvation army.

So, to president Bush, VP Cheney, Senator McCain, Governor Palin, Senator Obama and VP candidate Joe Biden:

I, average American Jane 6 pack am waving the white flag of surrender. I give up. You and all the other blow hard, we're gonna help you, full of shit policiticans in Washington D.C. really do not give even a fart about me and all the other folks like me.

I am still proud to be an American, but I am not proud of what my leaders are doing. You people are killing us.

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