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Judge Kristine Ceceva and Rithcie Thompson

Thursday, October 23, 2008
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Judge should go

Published: Thursday, October 23, 2008 2:49 PM CDT
An important issue will soon come before Panhandle voters, the retention
election of District Court Judge Kristine Cecava.

Although nearly everyone in the Panhandle will recall her nationally known
and infamous ruling of Richie Thompson, the pedophile who was ²too short for
prison,² there are other, lesser-known rulings that are equally appalling
and should be given grave consideration before finally casting a final

In case CRO8-018, Judge Cecava ruled that a husband, who repeatedly struck
his wife in the head with a metal bucket, could not be charged as a
perpetrator of assault with a deadly weapon because a metal bucket cannot be
considered a deadly weapon even though it brought about injuries requiring
hospitalization of the victim.

In the case of CI08-125, a civil divorce action, Judge Cecava ruled that a
stay-at-home mother of two children trying to launch a career as a freelance
photographer was not be granted custody of her children because the judge
wanted her to ³grow up² and get a ³real job.²

In the case of CI08-153, an application for order of protection by a
college-aged woman who was repeated stalked and harassed by an ex-boyfriend,
was denied by Judge Cecava with the justification that it would ruin the
young man¹s future by ³creating a black mark on his record² should he ever
find himself in a custody matter. The young man was expelled from the
college he was attending when the administration validated a stalking
complaint made by the same victim.

And, returning to the case of Richie Thompson, who was given a sentence of
probation for the crime of sexual assault on a child, a young female store
clerk reported several incidents of his stalking her at her job wherein he
would follow her throughout the business and ask for her help to find items
such as personal lubricant. Judge Cecava refused to act on this information
when it was presented to her, suggesting this is acceptable behavior from a
registered sex offender. As a matter of fact, she told the reporting
official to stop ³freaking out² about it!

A newspaper recently printed the Nebraska State Bar¹s judicial approval
at a lowly 57 percent for Judge Cecava. This is clearly an ³F² grade
from attorneys who stand before her and are regularly subjected to her
erratic and oft times dangerous rulings.

We must make a right decision on Election Day. Cast a ³NO² vote for Judge
Cecava on Nov. 4 for the safety of our community and the preservation of

Wilkie Collins

Citizens for Justice

Before I post any thoughts on the above letter to the editor, I will clarify, that I double checked and this editorial was in the Gering Courier.

I totally agree with this gentleman, that Judge Ceceva needs to go. I don't think she has nearly as much interest in judicial issues as she does in haunting the Salvation Army and the Catholic Ladies Rummage room looking for antiques and trinkets. Several of my friends in law enforcement aren't to fond of her either. She makes it very difficult for them to get drug convictions. She gives the criminal every break she can possibly get away with, while nitpicking our police officers to death.

There is one useless young lady in town, who was pulled over by the State Patrol, and they discovered meth and marijuana in her car. Along with that she had a 14 year old boy in the car. She ended up getting off with probation. WTF! She's about 24, no job, shacks up with a known drug user, does not have custody of either one of her kids. Was totally uncooperative with her lawyer and the court, and still she gets probation. She also flunked several of her probation required urine tests, and to date has not fulfilled any of the other requirements of her probation. Like getting a job, going to NA/AA and so on. She's been arrested for non payment of her child support as well. And is she in jail for probatin violation. OH NO! She had Judge Ceceva. The judge feels sorry for the poor thing. Give me a fucking break. The only thing that broad is good for, is a good example of what you don't want to be like.

Commenting on the letter, she doesn't think a metal bucket can be a deadly weapon. She ever drop one full of grain or water on her foot? Hurts like hell. Imagine swinging it at someone! They have sharp edges for God's sake.

What's wrong with wanting to be a freelance photographer?

And the whole stalking, harassment by the ex boyfriend, protection order. Guys like that are the ones who eventually will severely wound, maim and most likely kill their ex.

Now to Ritchie Thompson. That little twirp is a pervert and has been forever. Anyone in his age group who grew up around here will tell you that. He's had girlfriends in the past, almost all of them have had little girls, and none of them dated him very long. One packed up and actually left town she was so terrified. This isn't the first time he's molested, only the first time he got turned in and busted.

If some little freak was following me around the store repeatedly wanting help finding the KY jelly, I'd have a fit too! Isn't that some kind of violation of his probation? For God's sake, if you go into Walmart, the personal lubes are over by the toothpaste, hair doodads, lotions and such. Teens and little girls do visit those sections. Does he have to grab another little girl or assault the lone clerk in the quick trip before the "Judge" gets the freaking message?

In closing, we need to vote, to NOT retain Judge Ceceva as our District Court Judge. She should retire and spend her days shopping for antiques, trinkets and such and maybe walk her dogs, she might lose a little of that big ole fat ass she's got. Maybe she could hang out with Ritchie and help him locate the lube!

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What a complete waste of life and clean air you are! I've read through some of your blogs - including where you admit you have a fat ass and thighs and may have a problem with alcohol! Wooohee, lady, what a f'ing train wreck!!! Wait until you're old and start shitting your pants, too. It's okay, babe, I'll still be here and I promise to spread juicy gossip 'bout you and your family (and do I ever know some nasty tidbits!!) Sidney is tiny, honey, and boy, oh, boy...I got you and yours by the short hairs!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA; it's going to suck to be you!